Spring Basket FEZtival

This annual event started in 2019 as a fundraiser to help keep the Aroostook Shrine Club running and support the philanthropic efforts of our Nobles. Basket sponsors range from local businesses to organizations and sometimes individuals who want to support the event and that mission.

Similar to a festival of trees, tickets are available for event goers to purchase and place as many entries as they wish into the drawing for one or more baskets. These baskets have ranged from small to large, with lots of creative options and always “something for everyone” available.

The 2021 FEZtival will be held completely ONLINE – ticket sales are OPEN at www.anahshriners.org/shop

Want to get in as a sponsor still? The event has started, but, we can make room for you if you’d like to submit a basket, please download the basket rules/guidelines and send us the Feztival application ASAP!